Frequently Asked Questions


  • Changes to the fixed fields will NOT save!

    Check to see if there is an 008 in the MARC record. If there isn't, any attempts at making changes in the fixed field grid will fail. You can either add a new 008 field using the Flat-Text Editor, or by right-clicking on one of the tag numbers and selecting "Add/Replace 008." Click Save Changes and then update the fixed field grid.

  • Why can’t I save my MARC record edits? The system gives me an error or it just silently fails!

    This usually occurs when one of the tags in the MARC has been entered incorrectly - whether it's missing an '=' (equal sign) at the beginning or a slash representing one of the indicator spaces. Try opening the MARC record using the Flat Text Editor. Sometimes it's easier to spot errors through that function.


  • What does backdating mean?

    When checking in items from the book drop each morning, staff should set the Effective Date to reflect the previous day’s date (aka, backdating). Other dates may be selected if the library has been closed; however, the system will not accept a future date. 

Local Administration

  • Why won’t this patron’s expired account purge? It doesn’t have any fines or open circulations.

    Occasionally a patron account will remain in the database because one of their previously open bills did not create a "Finished transaction" date. If you check their bill history and find a date missing in that column, please submit a helpdesk ticket. Once this issue has been taken care of, the account should be purged during the next purge process.

  • I’m trying to update my coworker’s staff working account but it’s telling me, “Editing users in this group is disallowed.” What does that mean?

    It could mean one of two things: the account you are using to update other accounts does not have localadmin privileges, or the account you are trying to update has either Cat1 or LocalAdmin permissions. Only localadmins may edit or update a fellow staff working account. Working accounts with Cat1 or LocalAdmin permissions may only be updated by the Admin Team. You will need to submit a helpdesk ticket to update either of those profile types. 

  • I’m trying to update my staff working account, but it says “Editing your own account is disallowed.” What does that mean?

    The system is set up so that you are not allowed to edit your own account. You will need someone with localadmin privileges to update it. This can be done in-house.


  • Why is the hold transiting to EG-IN?

    This usually means that a proper pickup location was not set when the hold was placed. Update the pickup location and then re-check the item in to generate a new transit slip.