Live Trainings

The Indiana State Library and the Evergreen Indiana Governance subcommittees lead a variety of live trainings for member libraries’ staff. These trainings are offered free of charge and may be hosted by the Indiana State Library, via webinar, or any member library with appropriate facilities. Most live trainings are eligible for LEUs. Standard courses are offered quarterly. Registration is usually required to ensure sufficient supplies and space are available.

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Our standard courses include:

Basic Cataloging

This course is an introduction to copy cataloging in Evergreen Indiana. Recommended prerequisite for this class: Basic understanding of cataloging standards (AACR2, RDA). 3 Technology LEUs

Basic Circulation

This course is an introduction to Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policies and Procedures, and basic circulation functions such as patron registration, checkin and checkout. 3 Technology LEUs


This two hour class will explain the various moving parts that make the patron-initiated holds in Evergreen Indiana function including an introduction, patron and item settings, types, placing a hold, holds maintenance, transits, and hold notification options. 2 Technology LEUs

Local Administration

This course will teach local administrative settings and the basics of setting up reports and using existing templates to run reports. It is intended for library directors, department heads and branch managers who have already gone live with Evergreen Indiana. NOTE: This class DOES NOT cover creating reports from scratch. 2 Technology LEUs

Advanced Cataloging

This 6-hour course teaches Evergreen Indiana catalogers advanced cataloging techniques such as merging records, identifying fixed fields and Z39.50. Class is offered in webinar format. 6 Technology LEUs
Learning tracks for Circulation, Cataloging, and Local Administration are available on the Training page.

Online Classes

We are in the process of converting our basic live courses to asynchronously available online classes. Please note that this coursework heavily reflects Evergreen Indiana policy and procedures. If you are taking the course as a representative of another library or library consortium, your policies and procedures may differ significantly.

Online Class Interface

Reference Materials

Manuals – Handbooks and training manuals for Evergreen Indiana.
Print Tutorials – Master the staff client with printable tutorials.
Archived Webinars – Follow along as trainers demonstrate best practices and explain how to get the most out of the Evergreen ILS