What If We Tried Open-Source?

In late 2007, several libraries in central Indiana and the Indiana State Library began discussions about creating a resource sharing consortium which reached beyond simple interlibrary materials loaning. With the explosive growth and development of new open-source Integrated Library Systems [ILS] software, the opportunity presented itself to build and customize a shared catalog which reflected exactly the needs and desires of libraries here in Indiana. Interested libraries gathered to evaluate the options and look at other existing ILS-sharing consortiums. It was decided that the Georgia PINES model with the Evergreen Open-Source ILS was a good basis for Indiana libraries. The libraries created and signed membership agreements, charted initial migrations, and developed a governance structure, and, under the auspices of the Indiana State Library, the Evergreen Indiana library consortium was founded.

Founding Documents

The founding documents built much of the direction which Evergreen Indiana has taken. Great efforts were made to maintain as much local sovereignty as possible for member libraries while providing consistently excellent service to patrons throughout the consortium.

Bringing Evergreen Indiana To Life

In August 2008, the first of the 20 founding libraries, Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library, came online. Over the next few months most of the founding libraries migrated onto the shared ILS. Governance subcommittees for cataloging, circulation, technology, and the OPAC were formed and began building policies and procedures for daily operations as well as performing research and presenting recommendations to the Executive Committee. By the end of 2008, 15 libraries, serving 188,771 patrons, were all live.

Explosive Growth

37 more library systems came online in 2009, expanding the patron base to over half a million Indiana residents. The outstanding response triggered interest in the international community, and Evergreen Indiana leaders were elected to served on the Evergreen International Executive Committee.

By the close of 2010, 85 libraries were live on Evergreen Indiana, including the Indiana State Library with its collection of over a million unique bibliographic records.

The advent of the ereader boom meant that member libraries were receiving constant requests for more downloadable eresources. Building on the existing partnerships in Evergreen Indiana, the eIndiana Digital OverDrive Consortium [eIDC] was created in late 2010. Initially opening with 7 libraries, 24 additional members came into the eIDC in the early months of 2011.

In spring of 2011, the consortium underwent a major software upgrade (Version 2.0), increasing functionality and customization options.

2012 was a landmark year for Evergreen Indiana. We hosted the Evergreen International Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Representatives from around the world attended. The 100th member came online in October.

Evergreen Indiana Today

Evergreen Indiana has grown and developed immensely from the early ideas of what resource sharing between Indiana public libraries might include. Today, 127 public library systems are members of the consortium. Evergreen Indiana has become a model of service excellence, resource sharing, and process modernization for libraries and agencies around the world.

Governance History

The original 9 Executive Committee members were elected by the founding libraries and served staggered terms ranging from 1-3 years. At-large members have been elected to fill Class-A (large library) seats until sufficient systems joined to fill those seats with Class-A representatives.

Over time, the sub-committees have changed to fill new needs. In 2011, the OverDrive Committee was founded to support all the members participating in the eIDC; in 2013 that committee transitioned to the eContent Committee to reflect the increasing number of electronic resources being sourced and negotiated for by Evergreen Indiana. The Circulation and OPAC Committees joined forces in 2013 to become the Patron Services Committee.

Governance meeting minutes may be viewed on the Governance page.

Past and Present Executive Committee Members

Name Library Class Tier Service Term Offices
Monica Casanova Monticello-Union Township Public Library Class C 2016-17 Secretary 2016/17
Cheryl Dobbs Greenwood Public Library Class B 2021-24
Nancy Disbro Andrews-Dallas Twp Public Library Class C 2015-18 Secretary 2017/18
Lori Durbin Greensburg Decatur County Contractual Public Library Class B 2022-2025
Kelly A. Ehinger* Adams Public Library District Class B 2008-11 Secretary 2008/09
Secretary 2010/11
Ruth Frasur Hagerstown-Jefferson Twp Public Library Class C 2013-16
Chair 2015/16
Brandy Graves Shelby County Public Library Class A 2022-23  
Kerry Green Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library Class B 2014-17
Mary Hall Bedford Public Library 2010
Kristi Harms Jefferson County Public Library 2009-12 Chair 2010/11
Mary Hartman Peabody Public Library Class B 2013-16
Shawn Heaton Van Buren Public Library Class C 2013-17 Secretary 2014/15
Judy Hemmerling* Colfax-Perry Public Library System Class C 2008
Mary Hougland* Jennings County Public Library Class B 2008-11 Chair 2009/10
Diane Huerkamp* Mooresville Public Library Class B 2008-09
Andrea Ingmire Greensburg-Decatur County Contractual Public Library At-Large 2011-14 Secretary 2012/13
Karen Kahl Union County Public Library Class C 2010-13
Krista Ledbetter Morgan County Public Library Class A 2010-13
Chair 2012/13, 2021/22
Secretary 2015/16
Winnie Logan New Castle-Henry County Public Library Class A 2018-21
Marsha Lynn Odon-Winkelpleck Public Library Class C 2010-13
Montie Manning Alexandria-Monroe County Public Library
Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library
Class C
At large
Chair 2013/14
Kay Martin* Lebanon Public Library Class B 2008-10
Vanessa Martin Greensburg-Decatur County Contractual Public Library At Large 2017-2020
Amanda Mawhorter Noble County Public Library Class B 2017-19
Sherri L. May* Brownstown Public Library Class C 2008-09
Jennifer McKinley Morgan County Public Library Class A 2015-18
Chair 2017/18
Secretary 2020/21, 2021/22
Karen Niemeyer Thorntown Public Library Class C 2009-12 Secretary 2009/10
Kyle Qurazzo Shelby County Public Library Class A 2013-16
Mary Reed* Jackson County Public Library Class B 2008-09
Chair 2011/12
Sherri Risse Spencer County Public Library Class C 2016-17
Mary Rueff* Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library Class B 2008-11
Secretary 2011/12
Nick Schenkel West Lafayette Public Library Class B 2010-13
Sheryl Sollars Westfield-Washington Twp Public Library Class B 2012-15
Chair 2014/15
Secretary 2018/19
S. Neal Starkey Alexandria-Monroe Public Library Class C 2018-21
Nicholas Stephan Garrett Public Library Class C 2021-24
Christine Sterle Thorntown Public Library Class C 2012-15 Secretary 2013/14
Judi Terpening Jefferson County Public Library Class B 2018-21 Chair 2020/21
Scott Tracey West Lafayette Public Library Class B 2015-18, 2019-22 Chair 2016/17
Janet Wallace Shelby County Public Library Class A 2012-15
Chair 2018/19
Edra Waterman* Plainfield Public Library Class B 2008-10 Chair 2008/09
* Indicates founding Executive Committee member