Claimed Return

Claimed Return Items
It has come to our attention that some libraries believed that the three item “Claimed Return” limit was controlled by the Evergreen software. This is a manual setting and is not controlled by the software. Therefore if staff did not check the patron’s record prior to marking the item “Claimed Return” a patron may have more than three “Claimed Return” items on his or her record. As “Claimed Return” is a status that does not automatically age to “Lost, ” we have advised libraries to run Claimed Return reports periodically to resolve the matter with the patron. If you are running the report, you have likely caught any situations where a patron has more than three items “Claimed Return.”

Please run a report for your library and work with your patrons to get the number to 3 or less as required by the Circulation Policy. Mike created a report template to help you with this. The
template is located at: EI Templates > Customer > Patrons with greater than 3 claims returned items.