Weekly Update: April 9, 2010

Indiana State Library Cards

Any Indiana resident may obtain a library card at the Indiana State Library. In compliance with the Evergreen policies, if an individual does not reside in a library district, or holds a student card, a reciprocal borrowing card at an Evergreen library or has access via a township or other contract that does not provide for full payment of the library’s non-resident fee, the individual will not have full access to the consortium. To avoid confusion, the Indiana State Library card is “blue” and will be set as a reciprocal borrower profile. Again in compliance with the Evergreen policies, an individual with a “blue” Evergreen Indiana State Library card will have access only to the State Library. The individual will be able to place holds only on materials owned by the Indiana State Library and all materials must be picked up at the Indiana State Library. As with all reciprocal borrowers, the items may be returned to any Evergreen location. Those individuals currently holding a resident, PLAC, or fully paid non-resident library card from an Evergreen library will be able to use the Indiana State Library (just as any other Evergreen library) without the need to obtain an Indiana State Library card.

Press Release

“Evergreen Indiana now has 62 libraries live on Evergreen” press release at http://www.in.gov/library/3378.htm