Evergreen Indiana Aspen Discovery Launch – Next Steps

Your library’s Aspen catalog is now ready for any additional customization you may decide on and implement locally. Over the past several weeks, Equinox, the Evergreen Indiana Aspen Training Cohort, and the EGIN Administrative staff have been working hard to create a starting point for your library in terms of this new patron experience. A list of further customized websites from our training cohort members and Evergreen Indiana admin staff is included at the end of this email.

We are now handing you the keys, but we’re doing so with the reminder that you are not in this alone.  If you have not already designated a person on your staff as a local Aspen administrator, please do so by filling out this form.  Please make sure that you are subscribed to the Evergreen Indiana Aspen email list and make use of that to ask questions of us as well as your colleagues.  You can sign up for the list here and then email evergreen_indiana_aspen@lists.library.in.gov to post a message.


Please be aware that the Evergreen Indiana Member Library page has been updated to include current links to your library’s website as well as its new catalog.  At your library’s new catalog site, in the hamburger menu to the right, a link has been added called “Classic Catalog.” This links to your Evergreen Indiana carousel site.

If you are available, please also plan to attend these upcoming scheduled events.

First Tasks for your Local Aspen Administrator

Promotional Materials and Ideas

  • A whole library of customizable promotional materials is available here. The templates utilize Canva which has a free version available. Please note that not ALL of these materials are applicable for Evergreen Indiana.  If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Check out Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library’s catalog upgrade page here for more inspiration.
  • Evergreen Indiana specific videos are currently being created.

Example Evergreen Indiana Aspen Catalogs