EI Updates – INfoExpress Edition

I hope you’re all doing well.  I appreciate everyone taking the INfoexpress “situation” in stride.  I also appreciate all the work being done around the consortium to lift the spirits of one another, move items around when possible, and the kind words sent my way as well as the way of other Indiana State Library staff who continue to work diligently during this recovery phase.

So, what are WE doing as a consortium?  By now, you’re likely aware that a pause has been reinstituted on intersystem, transit dependent holds.  From a technical standpoint, this means that all holds have had their “depth” changed from 0 (consortium) to 1 (system), and all library systems have had a “hard boundary” setting put in place.  This will remain in place until at least October 31.

You might have noticed some holds still showing up on your pull lists for other libraries.  You are encouraged to NOT pull these items from the shelves.  In addition, for those EGIN libraries participating in SRCS, this program has not been paused and these holds are still being placed in the system because of NCIP.  I would encourage you or the appropriate staff in your library to temporarily turn off your status as a supplier.  Please note that these are recommendations and not requirements.

Also, regarding SRCS, I will again be extending due dates for those items due on October 16 to December 15.

Finally, I want to begin my own tracking of NOW deliveries on behalf EGIN libraries.  You’ll find a form linked here to be filled out, on a daily basis, for your library.  My recommendation is that a specific staff member or two be responsible for submitting this form in the morning (or when your library first opens) for the day previous.  I will be comparing your submissions with the hub and route guide that includes each library’s schedule for pickup/delivery.