July 7, 2022

I hope summer is treating you with some gentleness and a little bit of fun.  There are, as usual, a lot of things covered in this newsletter.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email coordinator@evergreenindiana.org.

Library Card Buying Pool

The next library card buying pool will be July 18-24. More information including the order form is located in the calendar at https://evergreenindiana.org as well as in the FAQ section of the website.  Please note that you can submit orders for barcodes at any time during the year.  You can also submit orders for library cards before the buying pool opens.  They will be processed during the pool period.

Committee Elections

Voting has closed.  Candidates and committees will be contacted and announcements will be made following.  Thank you to all of the candidates for your willingness to serve the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium; and, “thanks” to the 91 member libraries who cast ballots for this year’s elections.

Staff Announcements

  • Britta Dorsey will be joining the Evergreen Indiana administrative team as Support and Development Administrator on July 11.  We are over the moon to welcome her.  Britta brings a wealth of experience with Evergreen ILS and Evergreen Indiana along with expertise in nearly all areas of public librarianship.
  • Bob Jackson will be retiring on August 26.  Words can’t really express how much gratitude we have for all of the support Bob has provided over the years.  When you have a moment, please wish him well in this next chapter of life.
  • Ruth Frasur is the new Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium Coordinator.

Regional Roundtables (User Group Meetings) – Site Proposals Open

Evergreen Indiana will sponsor 5-7 regional user group meetings in the autumn of 2022.  These meetings will provide member library staff people the opportunity to meet with colleagues and talk about a range of topics.  These meetings will be hosted at member libraries.  If your library is interested in hosting a user group meeting, please fill out the linked form.   

Local Administration Certification Update

An audit of active staff accounts with local administration permissions is being conducted.  Your library will likely be contacted before the end of July with questions about existing accounts.  Based on action by the Executive Committee, accepted Evergreen Indiana standards of practice, and training requirements for this permission, the following requirements will go into effect on December 31, 2022. We will work with your library to bring any issues with existing accounts into compliance with these requirements.

  • No shared local administration accounts
  • Local administration accounts must belong to a specific individual.
  • A valid work email address must be included in each local administration account.
  • Individuals with local administration permission must complete an annual recertification training.  This can include:
    • Evergreen Fundamental Skills Local Administration Course (offered up to 4 times a year); or,
    • Annual Local Administration Refresher Course – newly established course designed to highlight regular tasks and features important to local library functionality.  Two identical courses to be held in October/November of the year.

Member Library Spotlight Submissions

Want to show the cool things that are happening in your library? Use the linked form to share something exciting about your library.  Spotlights will appear on a semi-monthly basis in the newsletter as well as https://evergreenindiana.org. You are also highly encouraged to send related photographs to rfrasur@library.in.gov with the subject line [your library] EI Member Library Spotlight.

Upcoming Events

A full round of Evergreen Fundamental Skills courses are scheduled for July.  Please check out the calendar at https://evergreenindiana.org to see when upcoming training sessions are scheduled and find registration links. Also find links to join Evergreen Indiana committee meetings.