Weekly Update — May 17, 2017


Please join me in congratulating our newly elected Committee members! The voting was very intense this year for the contested seats, coming down to just a couple of votes in more than one race. My sincerest thanks to all of the outstanding nominees who volunteered their time and skills to serve the community! The handover between the new and outgoing committee members will occur during the June meetings.

Executive Committee:

  • Class A/At-Large: Vanessa Martin, GBURG
  • Class B: Sheryl Sollars, WFLDW
  • Class C: Ruth Frasur, HGSTN

Cataloging Committee:

  • Ellie Doun, LEBNN
  • Susan Jones, DANVL
  • Lori Parsell, GRRTT

Patron Services Committee:

  • Class A: Lorie Long, MORGN
  • Class B: Virginia Jensen, MOORE & Josh Lewis, LEBNN
  • Class C: Andrea Basinger, GRRTT & Eric Fisher, ALEXM

Global Stat Cat Update

The global Audience stat cat is now required for all new and updated holdings. If you did not get a chance to send in your shelving location spreadsheet for batch update, you are still welcome to submit those to jumpstart the process for your library.


  • The 2017 Bylaws amendment votes are due by May 31, 2017.
  • The 2017 Ethics Audit closes on August 1, 2017.

Upcoming Evergreen Indiana Training Opportunities

June 7, 2017
Basic Circulation, 9am-12pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428 (3 TLEU)
Holds, 1pm-3pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428 (2 TLEU)
June 8, 2017
Local Administration and Basic Reporting, 9am-12pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428 (3 TLEU)
Basic Cataloging, 1pm-3pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428 (2 TLEU)