The FAQ’s about this upgrade:

Will the staff client be totally gone?
The staff client will no longer connect to the servers, so you should plan to uninstall it after the upgrade. (You may even want to uninstall it earlier!) The upgrade will not automatically remove the old client from your computers.

When will the staff client be gone?
The Executive Committee has selected the evening of November 17, 2018 for the upgrade. The servers will be fully offline that night, but libraries are not expected to see any actual downtime during open hours.

Where is the web client?

What about trainings?
All EI trainings since October 2017 have been in the web client. Extra cataloging and circulation trainings are available in October and November. The feature review webinars are being presented in the first half of November and a recording will be made available for review.

Where do I see the PSC fall roundtable materials on the web client?
The slidedeck may be viewed here: Web Client

Where do I see the Cataloging fall roundtable materials on the web client?
The slidedeck may be viewed here: The Web Client

Where do I see the feature review training materials?
The slidedeck may be viewed here: 3.2 Feature Review

When should we start using the web client?
Now. In order to track down and address any bugs that will prevent you from using the web client, we need you to find those now, so there’s time to get them fixed. Phasing over gradually will allow you compare workflows and adjust at your convenience.

Interface specific questions


Will grid titles wrap?
Not as part of this immediate upgrade. We’ll monitor to see if hover text or wrapping will be added as a solution in future.
What does Angularizing mean?
The interfaces of the client are being written using a new framework called Angular. An updated interface may be referred to as having been Angularized.


Are baskets available for all users or just staff?
All users, but staff have an extra menu option to add the contents of a basket to a record bucket which patrons do not.


None as yet.


Is the training manual available for this version of the client?
Parts of it are available now, yes. We’re adding/updating chapters as quickly as possible to reflect the recent updates.
Do the cataloging shortcuts in the MARC editor work?
Yes, they do!


Where do I find the new Overdues List?
In the Circulation menu.
Are autorenewal circulations counted as circulations?
How does Offline Circulation work in the web client?
The offline module stores any offline transactions in your browser. It is accessed from the Circulation menu or is an autoredirect if your browser detects that the Evergreen servers cannot be contacted. The same recommendations of only using Check Out and In-House use remain in place.

Local Administration

Is autorenewal set by patron?
No, it’s based on the checkout library. Every patron that borrows at an autorenewing library will be eligible for their circulations from that library to autorenewed.
When will materials autorenew?
The servers will attempt to renew materials at around 5am Eastern time the morning they are due. The email notice to the patron about the results will go out around 8am Eastern time.
How to I get autorenewal turned on for my library?
Place a request with the HelpDesk.
Do my 3rd party vendors (Unique Management, OverDrive, hoopla, etc.) need to do anything?
No. This upgrade does not affect them aside from the brief downtime.
Will existing recurring reports be broken by the upgrade?
No, but for now, we do not recommend cloning reports for update until the join bug is fixed.